KCP Consulting LLC. is a Manhattan-based firm that offers advisory and outsourced-CFO services to small and mid-sized businesses. We bring a fresh set of eyes and expertise in finance, tax, operating efficiency and IT to your business. But unlike most consulting firms, we strive to educate, automate, and help your company become not only more profitable, but more self-sufficient too.

Through open and prompt communication, we strive to identify inefficiencies and introduce innovative ideas to turn them into strengths. We aim to forge a meaningful partnership with all of our clients, and look to the present, and future of your business while doing so. Our holistic approach produces results. We have increased gross profit margin by a minimum of 10% for each company in our portfolio, and saved millions for companies since our founding in 2013.


  • “KCP Consulting has created a solid foundation of systems for my business to grow in a trusted environment. He excels at problem solving and proposing ongoing solutions to saving costs.”
    — Jennifer O.
  • “My company has grown so much since I started working with K.”
    — Eric G.
  • “Couldn't ask for a better consulting company!”
    — Tirso P.
  • “KP is great at seeing all sides of an issue, and he's relentless in helping to solve a problem once he's identified it”
    — Wendy W.