Konstantinos Pantazis - CEO/CFO

As a born-and-raised New Yorker, I have always held in awe its entrepreneurs and small business owners. Growing up, I saw first-hand how hard my father worked running his diner, and came to realize it was people like him who make the city what it is.

Spurred on by this early admiration for business, I pursued a degree in economics from CUNY, and discovered I loved the unseen, financial side of things as well. (For me, pouring over a data-set is better than binging on Netflix.) After graduating Cum Laude, then earning a masters in economics, I turned down job offers from the corporate and financial sectors, and instead began lending my expertise and passion to small and local businesses, looking to get a leg up on the competition.

Since then, I’ve teamed up with incredibly talented, driven, and honest folks from across countless industries, who share my desire to help small-mid size businesses grow, and compete with the big guys. Since we got our start in 2011, our clients have saved millions in expenses, become more efficient, and increased their gross and net profits by an average of 20%. I get a rush from these sorts of successes, but I also know it’s about more than just numbers. It’s just as big a win for me when a business owner is able to take a vacation, free of stress, because things are running so smoothly for their company.

Critical financial management issues:

  • How to reduce operating costs
  • How to optimize working capital management
  • How to create finance function shared service center
  • How to provide management with up-to-date reports for decision making
  • How to align employee motivation with corporate strategic objectives
  • How to reorganize the finance function to increase its efficiency
  • How to reduce time spent on financial and management reports preparation